Alessio was born in Northern Italy in 1973. He started with photography using film in the 80's, developing his own photos in the basement of his house. After a long period of inactivity, he started again with his passion; now in the digital age, getting more and more involved in the photographic world.


He is basically autodidact. He spent a long period looking for the best kind of photography that suited him, and he found it in landscape, nature and some urban environments photography. Lately he got very enthusiastic about night photography, which ended with developing interest also in the diurnal long exposure photography.


Besides his passion for this kind of photography, he also tries to catch the best from other kinds of subjects, like portraits and also photography of the daily life.



The main theme of his photographs are landscapes, urban and natural, emphasizing the technique of long exposure both in daylight and night, in the latter case, using when necessary the technique of light-painting.

All images posted on this Web site are for sale.

The preferred sizes are:

40cm x 50cm (Photo-To-Go)

60cm x 90cm (Poster)

printed on paper for fine art and also on different materials such as methacrylate.

One final note: I remind you that all images are property of Alessio Brengetto and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited by the author himself.

© By Ale Brengetto

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